Rehearsal time

Guest post by Director, Laura Bridges:

Yesterday was the first day of rehearsals for ‘The Living Library’ performance, celebrating the research from the ‘Memories of Fiction’ project.

This point in process is always exciting, and a bit scary: knowing that in 3-4 weeks time, all these people will be coming to be entertained and moved and interested in something that right now doesn’t exist, won’t exist fully until it is (a)’live’ on the night.

In rehearsals, my pleasure is watching fragments emerging, slowly fitting them together to a coherent story. It was lovely to see the words from interviews months past, talking about memories years or decades past, coming alive now as images and actions created by our dancer, Patricia Suarez.

I look forward to posting more as our rehearsals progess.

Until then…. Here are some photographs from our day.


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