Project podcasts:

The podcast from Martyn Lyons’s talk in September 2014, ‘The Australian Readers Remember project in retrospect, or why we (still) need an oral history of reading‘, is available here.

The podcast from Shafquat Towheed’s talk for the Memories of Fiction seminar series, ‘Evidence from the UK Reading Experience Database‘, is available here.

The podcast from Gill Partington’s talk for the MoF seminar series, ‘Taking it Literally: Mae Brussell and the Misreading of Fiction‘, is available here.

Other related podcasts:

Shafquat Towheed, ‘Recovering readers and listeners 1500-1800 for the Reading Experience Database‘, at the ‘Voice and Books 1500-1800’ workshop at the British Library, 11 November 2014. Podcast is available here. (Shaf is on the Memories of Fiction advisory group and the archive is linking in with RED.)

Amy Tooth Murphy (project researcher), ‘The Continuous Thread of Revelation: Chrononormativity and the Challenge of Queer Oral History’, 6 January 2015. Podcast is available here.

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