Oral history archive

Many of the interviews from the Memories of Fiction archive are available to listen to, along with summaries, book titles mentioned and other information. These can be accessed on the University of Roehampton Memories of Fiction pages here.

The archive is also catalogued and searchable via the University library catalogue.




2 responses to “Oral history archive

  1. Hi I have always loved reading. As a child in the early 70s I would be constantly reading. In those days you could only borrow 2 books at a time from the library. You could have them for 2 weeks but I don’t think I ever kept them that long. The library was across the road from my junior school and I would go in after school, sometimes twice a week to return and borrow more books.

    My parents didn’t have much spare money so I didn’t buy books – what was the point when I had a whole library that I could read for free!

    When I moved to senior school I started using a different library – more and different books, how wonderful! The librarians greeted me by name as I was such a frequent customer.

    Which brings me to another related topic – librarians. I work for the NHS and am constantly amazed at the helpfulness, enthusiasm and patience of the librarians I meet – a wonderful species.

    I still love libraries although at the moment it’s mainly the university library as I’m doing some study. All those words waiting for me to read them – to challenge my thinking, expand my ideas and provide new insights.



  2. Thank you Denise. It’s great to have written memories of libraries like yours to complement the oral history archive. Your account conveys well how libraries can be such a positive influence throughout much of one’s life. I hope you might be interested in attending the ‘Our Lives in Libraries’ event.

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